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[Nintedo] Pokemon X and Y Review


John Harison
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[Nintedo] Pokemon X and Y Review

Post by John Harison on Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:28 pm

X and Y

Every Pokémon game you've ever played has lied to you. They've assembled a web of deceit wrapped around the idea that the series is, in some way, about being friends with your Pokémon. The best trainers, they've said over and over and over again, are the ones who are the kindest to their monsters. The ones who trust their monsters. The ones who care about their monsters' feelings. You know that's never been true; you've known all along. But with Pokémon X and Y, the developer has finally lived up to the 15-years of lip service. It has finally addressed the thesis of the franchise, making a game where your bond with your Pokémon actually, truly matters.

It matters in combat, when you're battling 3D Pokémon against other 3D Pokémon. Pocket monsters that have high affection for you (as gained by minigames and the newly added ability to pet your Pokémon) will simply perform better--they'll dodge attacks and land critical hits and shrug off status effects more often. Having your Sylveon survive not one, but two attacks after being at one hitpoint just because it loves you so damn much makes a compelling case for being friends with the little guys. It feels random at times, which is sure to enrage the kind of fan that takes the statistical side of Pokémon hyper seriously, but it's entrancing for those willing to allow themselves to be immersed in the charming world.Thankfully, Pokémon X and Y works hard to make you feel like a part of its universe. The jump to 3D makes for beautiful, lifelike environments in a franchise that has never been all that aesthetically ambitious. From the protagonists--both of whom can be customized with different outfits and hairstyles--to the caves and dungeons, X and Y shows off some of the best visuals on the handheld, where previous games have mostly looked subdued.
If anything, it feels as though the vast environments and detailed Pokémon are simply too much for the handheld. There are occasional framerate drops, and much of the game disables the 3D slider, which is a shame considering how many areas look as though they were designed specifically to take advantage of the added depth stereoscopic 3D delivers.

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